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Cooperation with Gymnasium Mostar

Before the war, Gymnasium Mostar was a leading school in Mostar, among the very best in former Yugoslavia, providing an excellent education for its students regardless of their national background. Nowadays, Gymnasium Mostar teaches two national separate secondary school curricula, intended for Croat and Bosniak students as a consequence of the war in the 90’s. Despite it, since 2004, the school has remained the only example of an educational meeting point for Mostar youth and as such brings hope for a better future.

For all these reasons, it is clear that the Gymnasium Mostar was not selected at random as the host for UWC Mostar and, ever since the College opened, enormous efforts have been invested in fostering integration across the school.

Through Education in Action's extracurricular courses in the experimental sciences, run by all Mostar Gymnasium science teachers, students of the two curricula working together in mixed groups have a chance to gain practical skills in laboratory work. Cooperation between the UWC Mostar and Gymnasium Mostar Student councils has resulted in many joint activities and projects including the publishing of joint Newspapers, organizing of big cleaning actions, extra curricular English classes for Gymnasium students, common theatre performances and concerts, running the school cinema and the celebration of important international days. The UWCiM and Gymnasium Mostar also participated together in the regional PACE Project initiated by the UWC of Adriatic. The next stage of cooperation will be the introduction of CAS programme activities to Gymnasium Mostar student.